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Experience serenity in the smallest tiger reserve of India

In India, when we talk about wildlife, places like Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Bandipur, Tadoba, Corbett and few others spring up to the mind. These places are really amazing locations to spend time with nature and wildlife and are blessed with varying habitats, flora and fauna adding a unique charm to every forest in their own way. Over a period time these places have become quite commercialized and are major contributors to the wildlife or eco-tourism industry. Located right

Bor Wildlife Sanctuary and Pench Tiger Reserve (Maharashtra) – Photo Blog

Indian Treepie Parrot Sambhar having a sip from bark of Sal tree Collared Dove Indian Roller Sirkeer Malkoha Sambhar resting Blue Bull Tigress Katrina Tigress Katrina Crested Serpent Eagle Fish Eagle Paradise Fly Catcher Common Langur Woodpecker White Throated Kingfisher Racket Tailed Drango Vulture Jackal Adjutant Stork Cub of Tigress Durga Tweet #TigressKatrina #sambhar #FishEagle #Pench #CrestedSerpentEagle #CommonLangur #RacketTailedDrango #IndianTreepie #Parrot #Tiger #V

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