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Solo Trip to Kovalam and Varkala

It has been quite an eventful first half of the year with an outing almost every month. Starting off with my solo trip to Udupi in January, I visited Pondicherry in February, Hubli-Miraj-Pune in April, Wayanad in May and capped off with a trip down south to the district of Thiruvananthapuram (also known as Trivandrum) in Kerala. It was a long weekend in the last week of June with Monday being an off due to Ramadan festival and as is always in my case, I planned to make the be

Weekend trip to Wayanad – Soochipara

A trip for me has seldom been so diverse in terms of the friends accompanying. Among our small group of 4 members, one was my childhood friend, one a friend from college days and one my colleague from my previous organization where we worked. The trip was not off in a flash unlike most of my previous trips. This trip came about after weeks and weeks of postponement and we set forth towards our destination after 2 months of first planning for it. The trip in itself was planned

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