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A second successive birthday in Goa

Following my solo trip to Goa in 2013, I was eager to celebrate my birthday again in Goa. The beauty of this beach state just captivates me every-time I visit it and leaves me yearning to visit again and again. This time though, the trip was not a solo trip as I was accompanied by one of my best friend who had mandated that I should not be enjoying the beauty of Goa alone 😛 The trip was as I always prefer, a completely unplanned trip for we had booked only the onward and ret

A Birthday Special in Goa

A long awaited birthday and a long awaited trip!! The enthusiasm for celebrating my birthday this year was on a high and I wanted to celebrate my birthday doing something different than most of birthday’s earlier. I have had wonderful birthday’s before but the urge to do celebrate it differently started a month before the day and culminated in me deciding to have a solo trip to Goa. Solo travel is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a place on your own term

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