Thai Extravaganza

Thai Extravaganza – a perfect way to celebrate my birthday in the last year of the twenty’s! A friend’s dream told by him on my birthday in 2011 fulfilled in 2015!! Year 2011 – It was yet another birthday celebration in 2011, when we – a group of 4 close friends, headed out to the famous Skandagiri night trekking, situated about 60 Km from Bangalore. It was during this trek, that one of my friend in the group told that his dream was to visit Thailand before we all got hitched

Rainy weekend in Kutta

A rainy weekend is precisely how I would describe this outing to Kutta. Following on the close heels of the previous trip to Bandipur, this time the outing was planned for the other prominent forest in South Karnataka – Nagarhole National Park along the Karnataka – Kerala border. This time the group was an all Marathi speaking group which made the trip quite memorable As always, our journey was to start late in the night to beat the crowded Bangalore – Mysore highway. We had

Weekend trip to Wayanad – Soochipara

A trip for me has seldom been so diverse in terms of the friends accompanying. Among our small group of 4 members, one was my childhood friend, one a friend from college days and one my colleague from my previous organization where we worked. The trip was not off in a flash unlike most of my previous trips. This trip came about after weeks and weeks of postponement and we set forth towards our destination after 2 months of first planning for it. The trip in itself was planned