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Bor Wildlife Sanctuary and Melghat Tiger Reserve – Photo Blog

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Uttarakhand Travelogue

It’s been a long time since my last blog. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there were no trips and outings done this year. There were many weekend trips to Pune, Pondicherry, Masinagudi, Sakleshpur, Mangalore as well as a bachelor party celebrated in Goa. Since all these places have been visited before and have been written about elsewhere on this site, I choose not to write about the same locations again. Coming to this year’s annual vacation, the destination decided was t

Rainy weekend in Kutta

A rainy weekend is precisely how I would describe this outing to Kutta. Following on the close heels of the previous trip to Bandipur, this time the outing was planned for the other prominent forest in South Karnataka – Nagarhole National Park along the Karnataka – Kerala border. This time the group was an all Marathi speaking group which made the trip quite memorable As always, our journey was to start late in the night to beat the crowded Bangalore – Mysore highway. We had

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